Monday, August 29, 2011

Feelings that just can't be described

I took the family on vacation to the state fair saturday. Not far from the front gate was a tent I had mixed feelings about going into. Still something beckoned me. Something deep inside me said, suck it up and go in cold. As cold as you've ever been. Colder and tougher than I ever had to be. I went in, the wife said she'd wait.

I went in and all was well. For a few minutes at least. I was being pretty tough. I got almost to the end. Then I came to the van. And I read the story about it's driver and how he died. Then I broke and all hell broke loose. As I walked out crying I passed a NYS Trooper on guard duty. He looked at me and looked away. I knew I'd never be tough enough to do the job he was doing.

I walked back around the front to pick up my wife. She had put on her game face and gone in too. I went in to retrieve her. She hadn't made it half way before she broke. I scooper her in my arms and dragged her out the exit. Again the trooper lowered his eyes and looked away.

I thought I had healed. I thought it was just a scar I had. A scar we all share. It wasn't a scar. It was a scab on a wound that will never heal. A scab that got ripped away saturday to remind me. A reminder all too many of us need.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is a hero?

Origionally posted on my Woodsrunners Trail blog April 2010

I've pondered starting a second blog for some time now. I honestly feel as a country, no, make that a civilization, we have lost our moral compass. Part of the problem is how we define heroism. Those members of our society that deserve recognition as extrordinary. Somehow over the years we have come to look to wealth or fame as requirements to be a hero or heroine. Sorry to say in spite of a youth spent being forced to wacth "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous", Robin Leach has never shown me anyone worthy of being called hero. Also, while thier are many fine personalities in hollywood, and many strong figures in the sports world, many as shown by Tiger Woods and Jesse James aren't really worth the effort expended upon them by our society. So, I have decided to point out fine examples of heros from the past. Men and women in my mind worthy of the term.

So let me start with a fine example of what makes a hero in my mind.

Eugene Bullard

I came accross Eugene Bullard several years ago. I had just watched the WWI epic "Flyboys". The movie had a character that was an african american pilot flying for the french. The world not being the friendliest place for people of color in the early 1900's, I had to know if this was a real person or just Hollywood taking liberties with history. A quick google search showed the truth. What I found was a man. I mean a manly man, One worth showing our son's as an example of what is great. A man who took cicumstances and made them suit him. Not letting circumstance control his destiny. Facing death with and danger with courage. Doing the right thing in spite of great odds. Later living life as an average person and dying in obscurity, largely forgotten to history for most of us.

I have to say, if I was fighting in the trenches or just standing on a street corner, Eugene Bullard was the type of man I'd prefer to have standing next to me.

I've just asked my librarian to get me his biography, "The Black Swallow of Death". I will come add more when I'm done reading. Until then you can read more on wikipedia


A new look and name

Making a few changes. New look, a new name, and hopefully more time to get this blog going. The new name is inspired by a coworkers response to an argument I was having with a different coworker.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A story of manliness from Egypt

A truly inspirational post. It just goes to show there is more to the revolution in Egypt, than our fear mongering media is telling us.


Friday, September 17, 2010

A must read website

I found a new website a few days ago. I consider it a must read for any like minded souls.

What can I say?

I wet shave with a vintage safety razor and have for years.

I've been known to carry calling cards.

I know how to shoot a handgun.

I've worn fedoras for over twenty years.

A truly amazing website. Though I reserve the right to disagree on some things. For one thing A fedora certainly does go well with jeans and a T shirt. When the T shirt is black and has a black leather coat over it that is. It also goes well with the old fashioned plaid wool shirt or hunting coat. Though that duty is done equally well with a less expensive felt crusher.

Check out The Art Of Manliness I'm sure you will enjoy it.