Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome To my new blog

I'm sure some of you will find your way here from my other blog Woodsrunner's Trail. Hopefully I will find more time to post either here or there. The trail will continue to exist with the content it was meant to have. Mainly a place to talk about life in the woods and around the modern homestead and related matters.

This will become the home for posts like the post about the problems with modern males. And don't just think I'm going to rant on men because I am one. I'm going to let fly on issues of both genders. I'm sure I will be making more than my share of enemies. That's ok I'm used to it. I'm hoping I will find a few friends along the way too. This will also become the home of my hero's posts. For those of you that have never read my stuff before, I often lament the lack of proper role models and will on occassion show example of the type of man I think our society needs, if it's to survive. Posts about men that knew the meaning of words like Integrety, Valor, Honor and Chivalry. Men who weren't scared of thier own shaddow or made so soft by television and modern life that they can't perform basic skills. So guys if your looking for a place where testicular fortitude isn't something to be ashamed of, you've found a home. Ladies you are more than welcome here too. Take heed though, if your looking for the type of guy that shaves his body hair and thinks giving women pedicures is the greatest thing there is, you aren't going to find him here. What you will find is the guy that cheers when the Duke flips Maureen O'hara over his knee and spanks her. Honestly, I am the guy that wanted his wife's marriage vows to include the word Obey. I can be fairly open minded. Open minded enough to let you live your life your way. All I ask is you extend me and my friends the same courtesy. And I'm a big boy who still has his balls intact, so, go ahead and call me names, I'm not going to go cry in the corner over it.

Let's have some fun

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  1. LOL..OK I will follow this blog too. By the way in my house there were no flippin' anyone over their knees to mom just breaks bottles of Black Velvet over her husbands head when he got out of line! :)